No. 98 | Asymmetric Latent Carbocation Catalysis with Chiral Trityl Phosphate

Jian Lv, Qichao Zhang, Xingren Zhong, and Sanzhong Luo*

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No. 97 | Chiral Primary Amine/Palladium Dual Catalysis for AsymmetricAllylic Alkylation of b-Ketocarbonyl Compounds with Allylic Alcohols

Han Zhou, Long Zhang, Changming Xu, Sanzhong Luo*

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No. 96 | Catalytic Asymmetric Oxidative α-C−H N,O-Ketalization of Ketones by Chiral Primary Amine

Changming Xu, Long Zhang, Sanzhong Luo*

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No. 95 | Organic Photocatalytic Cyclization of Polyenes: A Visible-Light-Mediated Radical Cascade Approach

Zhongbo Yang, Han Li, Long Zhang, Ming-Tian Zhang*, Jin-Pei Cheng, Sanzhong Luo*

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No. 94 | Copper-Catalyzed Aerobic Autoxidation of N-Hydroxycarbamates Probed by Mass Spectrometry

Xiaobo Xie, Long Zhang, Qing He, Jian Hou, Changming Xu, Ning Zhang, Sanzhong Luo*, Zongxiu Nie*

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No. 93 | Chiral Primary Amine Catalyzed Asymmetric Tandem Reduction–Michael Addition–Protonation Reaction between Alkylidene Meldrum’s Acid and α-Substituted Vinyl Ketones

Niankai Fu, Yinliang Guo, Long Zhang, Sanzhong Luo*

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No. 92 | Pushing the Limits of Aminocatalysis: Enantioselective Transformations of α-Branched β-Ketocarbonyls and Vinyl Ketones by Chiral Primary Amines

Long Zhang, Niankai Fu, Sanzhong Luo*

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No. 91 | Redox Tuning of a Direct Asymmetric Aldol Reaction

Qiying Zhang, Xiuling Cui,* Long Zhang, Sanzhong Luo,* Hui Wang, Yangjie Wu*

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No. 90 | [4 + 2] Cycloaddition of in Situ Generated 1,2-Diaza-1,3-dienes with Simple Olefins: Facile Approaches to Tetrahydropyridazines

Xingren Zhong, Jian Lv* , and Sanzhong Luo*

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No. 89 | Bioinspired Organocatalytic Aerobic C−H Oxidation of Amines with an ortho-Quinone Catalyst

Yan Qin, Long Zhang, Jian Lv, Sanzhong Luo* and Jin-Pei Cheng

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No. 88 | Asymmetric α-Benzoyloxylation of β-Ketocarbonyls by a Chiral Primary Amine Catalyst

Dehong Wang, Changming Xu, Long Zhang, and Sanzhong Luo*

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No. 87 | Chiral Primary Amine Catalyzed Asymmetric Michael Addition of Malononitrile to α-Substituted Vinyl Ketone

Niankai Fu, Long Zhang, and Sanzhong Luo*

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