No. 203 | Accurate Protein pKa Prediction with Physical Organic Chemistry Guided 3D Protein Representation

Siyuan Liu, Qi Yang*, Long Zhang, Sanzhong Luo*

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No. 202 | Asymmetric C–H Dehydrogenative Alkenylation via a Photo-induced Chiral α‑Imino Radical Intermediate

Zongbin Jia, Liang Cheng, Long Zhang, Sanzhong Luo*

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No. 201 | Enantioselective Transformations by “1 + x” Synergistic Catalysis with Chiral Primary Amines

Mao Cai, Long Zhang, Wenzhao Zhang, Qifeng Lin, Sanzhong Luo*

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No. 200 | Prediction of Bond Dissociation Energy for Organic Molecules Based on a Machine-Learning Approach

Yidi Liu, Yao Li, Qi Yang, Jindong Yang, Long Zhang*, Sanzhong Luo*

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No. 199 | Characterization and Monitoring of Transient Enamine Radical Intermediates in Photoredox/Chiral Primary Amine Synergistic Catalysis Cycle

Shixue Zhang, Liang Cheng, Jianqing Qi, Zongbin Jia, Long Zhang, Lei Jiao*, Xingwei Guo*, Sanzhong Luo*

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No. 198 | Phase-transfer Catalysis for Electrochemical Chlorination and Nitration of Arenes

Yingdong Duan, Sanzhong Luo*

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